Request for Assistance: Disseminating OSHA Technical Resources for Hurricane Harvey
Posted September 6, 2017

OSHA is committed to protecting all workers involved in Hurricane cleanup and recovery operations.  OSHA recognizes the strong ties that our partners and alliance organizations have with local communities and would appreciate your assistance in helping us reach employers, workers, and stakeholders in the affected areas.

OSHA has a wealth of technical resources and products that contain critical safety and health information on expected hazards for cleanup and recovery workers including the OSHA Hurricane Preparedness, Response, and Recovery webpage and the OSHA Flood Preparedness, Response, and Recovery webpage.  To make it easier to find information by hazard or topic, OSHA has consolidated the key resources related to worker safety and health hazards and protective measures on these webpages and in the attached resource list.  In addition, the Secretary of Labor and OSHA have recorded audio public service announcements that are available on the DOL Hurricane Recovery Assistance Page.

We would appreciate your assistance getting this information out to Hurricane cleanup and recovery workers, employers, volunteers, and stakeholders in several ways.  Please disseminate the webpage links above and the attached resource list to your members and stakeholders through email blasts, newsletters, and social media.  If you are providing hurricane response and recovery information on your webpage, we would also appreciate you linking to the primary webpages listed above as well.

In addition, we know that printed copies of fact sheets and QuickCards that can be handed out in the affected areas will be critical because of the loss of power and access to the internet.  OSHA has a limited supply of printed copies, which will be distributed in the affected areas.  If you have local chapters/affiliates that will be providing support or sending volunteers to affected areas, we would greatly appreciate their assistance in printing and distributing hard copies of several key resources, which are listed/linked below.  If your local chapters/affiliates do not have power or the capacity to print, we encourage you to print and supply copies of these resources to them for distribution.

For questions and assistance with this resource list and the linked documents, please contact Christopher Lawver, DTSEM/OEMP, at (202) 693-1985, or by email at:

We appreciate all of your assistance in getting critical recovery-related safety and health information into the hands of your members and those who are located in and supporting the affected communities in all states.

Key Resources for Printing/Distribution

Keeping Workers Safe during Hurricane Cleanup and Recovery Fact Sheet
• English (FS-3698): PDF
• Spanish (FS-3699): PDF

Heat Stress QuickCard
• English (3154): PDF
• Spanish (3417): PDF
• Vietnamese (3389): PDF

Disaster Cleanup and Recovery PPE Matrix
• English (FS-3898): PDF
• Spanish (FS-3899): PDF

Mold Hazards during Disaster Cleanup
• English (FS-3713): HTML & PDF
• Spanish (FS-3901): PDF

Worker Safety and Health Resources for Hurricane and Flood Cleanup and Recovery