CHCS Training - 2017 / 2018

CHCS Training: 

“An Overview Of The Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR)” (Module 28) 

7th February 2018, Malmaison Hotel, Manchester

Discount Price of only £245 (+VAT) until 9th December 2017

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We've designed this course to help satisfy the many requests made to us from delegates on other CHCS courses, AGM attendees and in responses to a CHCS survey.

This module will be particularly beneficial to those new to the field of biocides and who wants to gain an understanding of the fundamentals without getting too bogged down with the finer details.

Unlike most courses that assume a certain existing knowledge, this course starts from the basics and explains the background, terminology and system in a way that is user friendly and understandable, using relevant examples and exercises to aid learning.

This course will:

  • provide participants with a broad overview of the BPR, outlining the key terminology essential to understanding the Regulation and its requirements;
  • help you as an SME understand the steps involved in meeting your obligations in the biocidal products market, no matter what end of the supply chain you fall under.

Why you should attend:

  • if you are struggling to see the overall picture in how biocides are regulated, or if you have just taken on a new regulatory position in the biocides sector this course is definitely for you.
  • individuals working on the regulation of biocides in EU companies, individuals new to managing a regulatory function including biocides who wish to gain an overview, companies who are new to biocides who are not clear on their obligations in the EU

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CHCS Training

CHCS run a series of training events. The titles are shown below: click on the title to visit our website from where you can download a flier and reserve a place. 

Module 15Advanced Preparation of SDSs, 8 November 2017, Manchester
Module 53Risk Characterisation - The Chemical Safety Report, 5 December 2017, London
Module 20The Extended SDS - Understanding Exposure Scenarios, 6 December 2017, London


Module 8:Classification For Transport, 31 January 2018, Manchester
Module 10:Transport Labelling and Documentation, 1 February 2018, Manchester
Module 28: AnOverview Of The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), 7 February 2018,Manchester
Module 3:Introduction to European Chemical Regulation, 15 March 2018, London
Module 1: Introduction to Basic SDS Writing, 1 March 2018, Manchester
Module 5: BasicToxicology, 21 March 2018, London
Module 11: Advanced Toxicology, 22 March 2018, London
Module 6: Basic Ecotoxicology, 25 April 2018, London
Module 12: Advanced Ecotoxicology, 26 April 2018, London
Module 17, EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply – Substances, 15 May 2018, Manchester
Module 18, EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply – Mixtures, 16 May 2018, Manchester
Module 19, EU CLP (GHS) Labelling for Supply, 17 May 2018, Manchester
Module 15, Advanced Preparation of Safety Data Sheets, 23 May 2018, Manchester