France sets March 1, 2018 as poison centre notification deadline for businesses without RGS** certificate

The National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases (INRS – France) has announced that, as of the 01 March 2018, it will only accept notifications to poison centres in France submitted by organisations that have been granted a valid RGS** certificate and which notify through the ‘Declaration Synapse’ web-portal.  

The RGS** certificate costs approximately €200 and must be renewed annually. It is tied to a named individual within an organisation and cannot be transferred to another employee. The certificate can only be granted following a face-to-face identify verification with the named individual and must be formally approved by a senior member of staff at board level within the notifying company, who must also provide photographic identification.

Alternatively, businesses can outsource notification of their mixtures to a third party that has successfully applied for and been granted an RGS** certificate, such as the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC). This can reduce the cost, complexity and administrative burden associated with notification in France

For more information, see the NCEC News post