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Web Committee

Chair: Dan Levine
Vice Chair: Troy Azzivitto
Webmaster: Scott Amoroso

Board Liaison: Atanu Das



Maintain the SCHC web site.  Solicit content from standing committees and post content in accordance with web content guidelines developed by committee and approved by the Board of Directors. 

Standard Practices

Time Frame

Schedule committee meetings to review both technology for and content of the SCHC internet site.

At each semiannual meeting.  Conference calls conducted as necessary

Assist standing committees with their web pages.  Provide standard templates for developing content.  Convert received content to internet compatible formats.

As necessary

Publish guidelines for the content of committee web pages.

As necessary

Maintain the registration of the SCHC domain name schc.org.

As necessary

Keep Board informed of all issues relative to the web site.

Written report to Board liaison 2 weeks prior to Board meetings

Make modifications to web site structure and functionality as approved by the Board

As necessary

Post content on the SCHC web site as necessary.


Post news items provided they are submitted with a date by which they will be removed from the home page.  The default removal time will be 45 days.

As received from officers and/or Board members

Maintain the Members-Only section


Add all website archives to iBackup to avoid loss.

As necessary but at least once a year

Review the Standard Practices at least annually and as requested by the Board, make needed changes and provide update to the Vice-President.

As necessary but at least once a year

Facilitate sending Membership Renewal letters and provide reports to Membership Committee Chair.

As necessary but at least once a year

The Chair should maintain records of committee meetings, i.e., minutes, list of members, final work products, etc.  Provide these records to the new Chair as soon as possible when there is a change in leadership.