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OSHA Rulemaking Webpage - OSHA has updated the Laws and Regulations webpage. Under the third column, “Rulemaking,” there is now a list of several regulatory project webpages condensed into one location, which makes it easier for stakeholders to find out about the current status of projects, and links to important documents and locations like the docket for a particular project. The very last item in the third column, OSHA Rulemaking Process, now has content explaining to stakeholders how and when they can participate in the rulemaking process. 

Through the OSHA and SCHC Alliance, the organizations will provide SCHC members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect the health and safety of workers, particularly by: (1) advancing an understanding of hazard communication in order to reduce or prevent exposure to chemical hazards; (2) increasing awareness of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS); and 3) understanding the rights of workers and the responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act).

Through the Alliance, the organizations will help identify training opportunities and other areas of emphasis for Alliance awareness, outreach, and communication activities. The organizations will also explore and implement a means to evaluate the effectiveness of the Alliance's products and activities. In renewing this Alliance, OSHA and SCHC recognize that OSHA's State Plan and On-site Consultation Project partners are an integral part of the OSHA national effort, and that they may participate in Alliance activities. 


June 8, 2020 // Updated July 6, 2020

As we have done previously, the attached PDF file digests the information that we have shared over the last several weeks about the resources on OSHA’s webpage, and those of several other agencies and organizations.  We have included a list of general COVID-19 resources grouped by agency, a section with resources on reopening workplaces, and additional industry-specific COVID-19 resources grouped by industry.  To help navigate the growing list, we have also included a table of contents.  As with previous versions, it is intended as a resource and is not comprehensive, however, if you are aware of resources that you feel should be included, please share them with us.

We encourage you to share this information as broadly as possible.  In addition, as you receive questions and requests from your members that identify gaps in the information available for protecting their essential workers, we encourage you to share them with us as well, so that we are able to target resources to areas of need.

Doug Kalinowski
Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs


COVID-19 FAQs on Cloth Face Coverings
Posted June 10, 2020

OSHA has published frequently asked questions and answers on the use of cloth face coverings in the workplace.  The new guidance outlines the differences between cloth face coverings, surgical masks, and respirators. It further reminds employers not to use surgical masks or cloth face coverings when respirators are needed. In addition, the guidance notes the need for social distancing measures, even when workers are wearing cloth face coverings, and recommends following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance on washing face coverings

For more information, see the OSHA news release, and visit OSHA’s coronavirus webpage and CDC's coronavirus webpage

Arlene Williams
Deputy Director
Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs