Outreach and Communications

Chair: Renee Warner
Board Liaison: Danielle Svestka
Promotes SCHC outside our Society, develops relationships with other professional societies and groups with similar objectives to increase awareness of SCHC and our services, and works with other SCHC committees to develop tools to communicate member services and the value of membership. 

Newsletter reports on SCHC meetings and business activities, along with committee activities and information on activities in meeting cities. Newsletter is published monthly and accepts articles from all SCHC members pending review.


Hazcom Training for Schools Presentation Bundle

Hazard Communication Training Presentation Script
Hazard Communication Training Course Quiz
HazCom Training for Schools - Powerpoint

Outreach and Communications News

The Outreach and Communications Committee accepts contributions for its monthly newsletter and has prepared Guidelines regarding Best Practices for Using SCHC Issued Monthly Newsletter.  You may submit items for consideration to Renee Warner or Danielle Svestka.  View the full guidelines here.

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Minutes of Outreach Committee Meetings

Committee Resources:

SCHC Elevator Pitch - help us spread the word about SCHC!

Download the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication brochure

Hazard Communicator - Background and Career Opportunities: Defines what a Hazard Communicator's responsibilities are, helpful education to become a Hazard Communicator, and the jobs associated in the field of HazCom. Download flyer

GHS Speakers’ Bureau Information

Future Resources:

www.Youtube.com link to Society video

Committee Meeting Information:

The committee meets by teleconference on the last Thursday of each month from 11:00am-Noon (EST/EDT). New members are welcome! Contact the committee chairs with suggestions and comments or to join the teleconference.

Committee Members:

Beth Bidstrup; Elizabeth Tanner; Denese Deeds; Michelle Ramdeo; Sylvia Palmer; Sara Frojen; Jiaru Zhang; Joshua Nevels; Danielle Svestka; Renee Warner, Katie Walker