Chair: Denese A. Deeds
Board Liaison: President
Prepare nomination slate for annual election.

The SCHC Nominating Committee is developing a slate of candidates for the 2022 SCHC Board of Directors Election to be held in the first quarter of 2022. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else to run for one of these important positions, please contact Nominating Committee Chair Denese Deeds at [email protected] by November 1, 2021. View more information:  Call for Nominations.


To prepare a slate of Officers and/or Board of Directors of the Society for the membership. In the spring of every even year (2014, 2016, etc.) three officers and five Board of Directors will be elected. In the spring of every odd year (2013, 2015, etc.) four Board of Directors will be elected. 

Standard Practices

Time Frame

The President appoints a 5-member committee to serve as the nominating committee; a Chairperson and 4 members. The appointments will be made in accordance with the current by-laws and standard practices.

At least 2 weeks prior to Fall meeting

The President serves as liaison to the Nominating Committee.


At the fall meeting, the Chair should announce to the membership the positions that will be open for election in the spring.  The Chair should also describe to the membership how they may recommend candidates to Nominating Committee for consideration.

At the fall meeting

The Chair e-mails committee members to arrange a date for a conference call to discuss potential candidates. The Chair should make sure all committee members have a copy of the by-laws and current standard practices for the Nominating Committee and all open offices under consideration prior to the conference call.

Conference calls can be arranged through the Administrator.  Reference materials such as by-laws, standard practices or historical information can be obtained through the Administrator.

Two weeks after Fall Conference

Chair should appoint a member to take committee minutes. The minutes can be used to keep track of the individuals who were considered for each position and the follow-up responsibilities of each member.

Contact member before date of first conference call

Nomination of a Presidential Candidate

If the election includes the nomination for President, the Nominating Committee will determine if the Vice-President is willing to serve as President.  If not, they must solicit a nominee for the office of President.  The committee will present only one nominee for President for consideration.




Nomination of Vice-Presidential Candidates

The Nominating Committee must present at least one but no more than two nominees for Vice President.  The committee will ask the outgoing Secretary/Treasurer if they would like to run for the office of Vice-President. If not, the committee must find at least one candidate who is willing to serve as Vice-President and will run in 2 years as President. Candidates must meet the qualifications specified in the SCHC By-laws. (Article VI, Section 2) to be eligible for consideration.


Nomination of Secretary/Treasurer Candidates

The Nominating Committee must present at least one but no more than two nominees for Secretary/Treasurer. Candidates must meet the qualifications specified in the SCHC By-laws. (Article VI, Section 2) to be eligible for consideration.


Nomination for Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee will present at least one but no more than two times the number of open Director positions to the Board for consideration. Candidates must meet the requirements specified in the SCHC By-laws (Article V, Section 4) to be eligible for consideration.

In addition to the requirements listed above, candidates who are considered for a Board of Directors position should have demonstrate that they are committed to SCHC and are willing to work to make it better through the activities they have participated in. Activities may include but are not limited to

  1. Previously served as an Officer or Director
  2. Active participation in committees. This may include being a Committee Chair or Co-Chair but that is not required.
  3. Presentations made at the fall and spring meeting.
  4. Teaching or designing professional development courses.
  5. Writing newsletter articles or working on the SCHC website.
  6. Participating in the Technical Poster Session.

If the Nominating Committee wants to nominate a person who is a Committee Chair to run for a Board position, the nominee must be willing to resign their position as Committee Chair if elected to the Board of Directors.

Whenever possible, the Nominating Committee should strive for a balanced slate of nominee for the Board positions.  The slate should include both members with Officer or Director experience and members who are new to the Board.


A member of the Nominating Committee will contact each nominee to determine if the candidate is willing to accept the nomination. A copy of the standard practice for the office that is being offered will be sent to the candidate via e-mail or fax for them to review and to determine if he/she is willing to serve.

Determined during the Committee’s conference call

The Secretary/Treasurer will notify the nominating Committee Chair of any candidate who has been nominated through the “nomination by petition” procedure. To be placed on the ballot, the nomination must be validated by the Administrator and must meet the requirement listed in the by-laws (Article VIII, Section 1 Nominating Committee)

No later than 90 days prior to the Spring meeting

Once the slate has been completed, the Chair will present the nominees to the Board liaison to present to the Board.  If the slate has open positions, the Chair will go to the Board for help in completing the slate.

The Slate should be sent to the Board to be presented at their December meeting. The Board currently meets on the third Thursday of the month. Contact the Board liaison for the exact date.

Following presentation of the slate to the Board, the Nominating Chair will send the list of nominees to the Administrator. The Chair will arrange to have biographies and a picture of each nominee sent to the Administrator. The Administrator will prepare the nominee information and ballot and send it back to the Chair for approval. Once approved by the Chair, the Administrator will mail the ballots to the membership. 

Contact the Administrator for a cutoff date for the ballot, biographies and pictures.  Generally they need to be to the Administrator by the 2nd week in January

The ballots will be returned to the Administrator for validation and counting. Once the deadline for the ballot has passed, the Administrator will send a report with the ballot tally to the Nominating Committee Chair.

Within 2 days of the election

The Nominating Committee Chair will review the results and notify the President and Chair of the Board as to the new Officers and/or Board of Directors.  Tallied numbers are not released.

Within 1 week after the election

The Nominating Committee will notify each nominee of the election results for their office.

Within 1 week after the election

The Nominating Committee Chair will notify the President and Chairperson of the Board when all of the candidates have been contacted about the election. The Chair of the Board will then announce the election results to the Officers and Board of Directors.

At the next Board meeting

The Nominating Committee Chair will give a report detailing the election process at the Board of Directors meeting at Spring Conference.

Spring Conference

Review the Standard Practices at least annually and as requested by the Board, make needed changes and provide update to the Vice-President.

As necessary but at least once a year.

The Chair should maintain records of committee meetings, i.e., minutes, list of members, final work products, etc.  Provide these records to the new Chair as soon as possible when there is a change in leadership.