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Co-Chair: Anne DeMasi
Board Liaison: Tracy H. Graham
The Program Committee coordinates the agenda and speakers for the Spring and Fall meetings. The goal is to target topics that are both timely and representative of the membership. Suggestions are continually welcomed.

Speaker Bio/Abstract Template


Develop semi-annual meeting agendas, secure speakers for same, and run the meetings in concert with the Arrangements Committee and the President of the Society.


Standard Practices

Time Frame

Review the committee’s web page and content for accuracy and timeliness. Provide current membership, documents, Co-Chair names and contact information, preliminary meeting agendas and updates for the website to the SCHC Administrator.

As necessary

Attend Board meetings and planning summit (upon request of the Board). Provide information on Committee activities to the Committee Board liaison who will communicate as needed to the Board. Provide the Board with preliminary agendas for consideration as requested.

As required.

Develop preliminary agenda for the next membership meeting.  The Committee meets once during the Society meeting and also during regularly scheduled (usually monthly) conference calls.

In advance of meeting

Issue a preliminary agenda for meetings, and provide to Board liaison and the SCHC Administrator.

At least 3 months prior to meeting date

Issue final meeting agenda for use in meeting registration mailing.  Provide to the SCHC Administrator and the Board liaison.

At least 2 months prior to meeting date

Committee contact for each speaker should determine the speaker’s need for travel reimbursement and inform the Committee Co-Chair.

Speakers will be encouraged to contact the SCHC Administrator for assistance in making travel plans.

  • Speakers will be asked to make their hotel reservation prior to the ‘cut off’ date.
  • Speakers will be asked to make air travel plans with the Administrator’s assistance at least a month prior to the meeting date at which they will be speaking.

Speakers who are SCHC members will be reminded that the Society does not reimburse travel expenses for members who speak as part of the program.  The Program Committee may make an exception to this rule in the case that the speaker would not otherwise be able to attend the meeting AND the speaker is determined to be uniquely qualified to address the agenda topic. If the SCHC member speaker requesting reimbursement is a Program Committee Co-chair, the request for reimbursement should be made to the President.

When contacting speakers. If the speaker’s situation changes, inform the Co-Chair as soon as possible.

Confirm speakers’ participation in program in writing (use standard speaker confirmation letter).  Ensure non-SCHC member speakers receive meeting registration information. Provide each speaker with the SCHC Travel Reimbursement Guidelines, Forms and Travel FAQs.

Send letter as soon as confirmed

The plenary session facilitators shall send a copy of the meeting registration form to non-member speakers and request completion and return to the SCHC Administrator. The facilitator should indicate that there is no charge for registration for non-member speakers.

Within 10 days of availability

Send a reminder to each speaker of their presentation time, location of meeting, and date for presentation materials to be provided.

3 weeks prior to the meeting

Send reminder e-mail to all speakers.

2 weeks prior to the meeting

Members of the Program Committee will act as meeting facilitators. Each facilitator will act a primary contact for their session speakers prior to and during the meeting. The facilitators shall send meeting information, registration forms, speaker information, travel guidelines and travel FAQs to their session speakers. Facilitators should copy the meeting Co-Chair on all correspondence to their speakers. Facilitators shall be responsible for speaker introductions and meeting time management for a morning or afternoon session.

The Program Co-Chair, in consultation with the Committee members, will appoint meeting facilitators as soon as possible during meeting planning.

Confirm with the SCHC Administrator that the speaker gifts will be purchased and available at the meeting. Present speaker gifts. The nature and cost of the gift must be approved by the Board of Directors.

During the meeting at an appropriate time following the speaker’s presentation

Confirm with the SCHC Administrator whether members of the press are attending the meeting. If so, notify all speakers that members of the press will be in attendance.

One week prior to each meeting.

Committee Co-Chair shall provide brief summaries of select meeting topics and speaker information to the Newsletter Chair upon request.

Provide directly to Newsletter Chair upon request

Review, sign and mail thank you letters to speakers that are prepared by the Administrator.

Complete one month after the meeting


The Co-Chair is authorized to reimburse up to $3,000 in speaker’s expenses per meeting without prior approval from the President.  Expenses are to be pre-authorized for non-members and not for members that would be attending a semi-annual meeting in the normal course of their activities.

As required

Speakers who are full time faculty of institutions of higher education may be considered for honoraria when

  1. Such a request is made by the speaker and
  2. The Program Committee considers the speaker uniquely qualified to present the topic.

If offered, the honorarium will not exceed $500.

If honoraria are offered, the Program Committee will inform the Board via the Board liaison to the Committee.

As required

Committee Co-Chair reviews and approves travel expenses for speakers in accordance with the SCHC travel policy, then forwards to the Secretary/Treasurer for payment.

As required

The meeting Co-Chair shall provide all meeting presentations to the Web Committee Co-Chair on or before the meeting as a backup for presentations saved on the meeting computer and for upload to the Society’s website after each meeting. If a rented computer is used, delete all presentations from the meeting facility computer.

At the end of the meeting

Program Co-Chair – Deliver a brief presentation to the membership on Wednesday morning, during the committee reports, regarding the next meeting.

At each meeting

Review the Standard Practices at least annually and as requested by the Board, make needed changes and provide update to the Vice-President.

As necessary but at least once a year

The Co-Chair should maintain records of committee meetings, i.e., minutes, list of members, final work products, etc.  The documents should be provided to the SCHC Administrator for archive on the secured area of the Society’s website. Additionally, the Co-Chair will provide these records to the new Co-Chair as soon as possible when there is a change in leadership.


All speakers, regardless of their membership in SCHC, may register at no cost for the meeting at which they are speaking.

Upon Request