Vice Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: Danielle Svestka
The Program Committee coordinates the agenda and speakers for the Annual meeting. This includes roundtable breakouts (Forum Sessions) on HazCom and other related topics at meetings.  The Committee also assists in developing new content offerings and formats outside of the Annual meeting that provide opportunities for discussion between members, which encourages and facilitates member engagement and benefit.  The goal is to target topics that are both timely and representative of the membership. Suggestions of topics by the membership are welcome.
Submit your suggestions by March 29, 2024 to be considered for the 2024 Annual Meeting 


Role/Responsibilities of the Committee:

Develop meeting agendas, secure speakers for same, and run the meetings in concert with the Arrangements Committee and the President of the Society.  Review the committee’s web page and content for accuracy and timeliness.  The Committee meets once during the Society meeting and also during regularly scheduled (usually monthly) conference calls.  Members of the Program Committee will act as meeting facilitators. Each facilitator will act a primary contact for their session speakers prior to and during the meeting. The facilitators shall send meeting information, registration forms, speaker information, travel guidelines and travel FAQs to their session speakers. Facilitators shall be responsible for speaker introductions and meeting time management for a morning or afternoon session.