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The Alliance Committee pursues and maintains alliances with government agencies, professional societies, trade associations, and other organizations.  These alliances may include cross-promotion, joint activities, and other collaboration, and may be memorialized in Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between SCHC and other groups.

The committee currently coordinates all aspects of alliance activities, including an alliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with a focus on the development of hazard communication training and other tools that for use by OSHA and SCHC in improving hazard communication. The committee also administers a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Chemical Hazard Communication Society (CHCS), our sister organization in the UK.

Chair:  Julia Diebol
Chair (GHS Sheets): Tarique Mangrio

On April 13, 2015, SCHC President, Darlene Susa-Anderson (seated) signed the renewal for the Society's alliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.  Assistant Secretary of Labor, Dr. David Michaels, represented OSHA. Dr. Michele Sullivan (standing), member of the SCHC Board of Directors, witnessed the signing of the five year agreement.  More...



SCHC recognized by OSHA for its partnership in Safe + Sound Week - August 13-19, 2018 - Read more.



SCHC recognized by OSHA for its partnership in the inaugural Safe + Sound Week - June 12-18, 2017 - Read more.


Attention SCHC HazCom Professionals -- We want to know what sheets you need to help you with GHS!

To submit ideas, please contact the Board Liaison above.

Current HazCom 2012 Infomation Sheet Library -- The following sheets were produced by the SCHC-OSHA Alliance GHS Information Sheet Workgroup:

Acute Dermal Toxicity - March 2018
Acute Oral Toxicity - March 2018
Acute Toxicity Inhalation - July 2017
Aspiration Hazard  - March 2017
Carcinogenicity - March 2017
Corrosive to Metal - March 2017
Eye Damage / Eye Irritation - March 2018
Explosives - March 2017
Flammable Liquids - October 2017
Flammable Aerosols - March 2017
Flammable Gases - March 2017
Flammable Solids - March 2017
Germ Cell Mutagenicity - March 2017
Gases Under Pressure - March 2017
Labeling - OSHA vs. GHS - October 2017
Organic Peroxides - April 2017
Oxidizing Gases - April 2017
Oxidizing Liquids - April 2017
Oxidizing Solids - April 2017
Pictograms - October 2017
Precautionary Statements - July 2017
Pyrophoric Materials - March 2017
Reproductive Toxicity - March 2017
Respiratory Sensitization  - April 2017
Safety Data Sheet - March 2017
Self-Heating Chemicals - March 2017
Self-Reacting Chemicals - October 2017
Simple Asphyxiant - March 2017
Skin Corrosion Irritation - March 2018
Skin Sensitization - April 2017
SpecificTarget Organ Toxicity - Single Exposure - March 2017
What is the GHS? - January 2010
WorkPlace Labels - April 2017

The information contained in these sheets is believed to accurately represent provisions of U.S. regulations, consensus standards, and current GHS requirements. However, SCHC cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information. Users are responsible for determining the suitability and appropriateness of these materials for any particular application.

These sheets are developed through OSHA's Alliance Program for informational purposes only. They do not necessarily reflect the official views of OSHA or the U.S. Department of Labor.

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