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Toxicology of Testing for Hazard Communication (0.5-day)

PDF Brochure — Course Offering: Fall 2013

Toxicology, Tox Testing, Animal Testing, Interpreting Toxicological Data


This course is designed to be an overview of the toxicology tests most commonly used to determine the hazard of a material. This course will assume that participants have a basic understanding of the concepts and terminology of toxicology and will focus on giving the participants a better understanding of the need for toxicology testing, the most common laboratory methods used for health hazard determination, and how those results are used in product safety evaluation and hazard communication. The focus of the course will be the general principles related to toxicity testing, as well as specifics related to testing for cytotoxicity, acute toxicity, eye and skin irritation/corrosion, skin sensitization, and genotoxicity/mutagenicity. The skills developed in the course will allow participants to better participate in the assessment of the hazards of chemical substances and products.

This is an advanced course. While there are no formal prerequisites for this course, it is recommended that participants have a working knowledge of the principles of hazard communication, toxicology, and risk assessment. Participants should have taken the SCHC course Toxicology for Hazard Communication, or be comfortable with the principles presented in that course.