SCHC is happy to collaborate with CHCS - a relationship that offers benefits to both organizations.

Benefits To Our Members

Our relationship is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding with 3 main aims:

  1. making our respective members aware of the existence of both organizations (via our websites)

  2. publicizing each other's events, webinars, conferences, training etc.

  3. offering reciprocal member discount pricing for these events

SCHC members can book CHCS events at CHCS member rates and vice-versa. If an SCHC member wishes to book a CHCS event, please email [email protected], providing your full name and organization. CHCS will verify your membership status and email you with instructions on how to register for the event.

CHCS members can book SCHC events at SCHC member rates by emailing [email protected], providing your full name and organization. SCHC will verify your membership status and email you with instructions on how to register for the event.

CHCS Contact Details

Email:              [email protected]


EU Exit - CHCS / HSE Joint Stakeholder Event - January 22, 2019

  • Hilton Birmingham Metropole, National Exhibition Centre
    Birmingham, B40 1PP

Register Now - Free of charge for CHCS Members 

As you may know, the HSE have recently held a number of stakeholder events to discuss changes to chemicals regulations when the UK exits the EU. These events have been extremely popular and we know that many CHCS members have been disappointed not to secure a place at these.

We are therefore delighted to announce that we are arranging another stakeholder event jointly with HSE especially for CHCS members. The event will include speakers from HSE, DEFRA and BEIS, covering REACH, CLP, PIC, Biocides and Customs & Tariffs. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss the practical implications. 

The final programme will be announced shortly.

Places will be limited so we advise members to register as soon as we open registration. We will provide refreshments and lunch free-of-charge.

As the event is likely to be over subscribed, if you register and then cannot attend, please do let us know as soon as you can. Thank you.




Module 8, Classification For Transport, 30 January 2019, London
Module 10, Transport Labelling and Documentation, 31 January 2019, London
Module 28 – Overview Of The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), 6 February 2018, London
Module 5, Basic Toxicology, 20 March 2019, Manchester
Module 11, Advanced Toxicology, 21 March 2019, Manchester
Module 6, Basic EcoToxicology, 1 May 2019, Manchester
Module 12, Advanced EcoToxicology, 2 May 2019, Manchester
Module 17, EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply – Substances, 14 May 2019, Manchester
Module 18, EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply – Mixtures, 15 May 2019, Manchester
Module 19, EU CLP (GHS) Labelling for Supply, 16 May 2019, Manchester
Module 15, Advanced Preparation of Safety Data Sheets, 22 May 2019, Manchester