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SCHC BOD Special Committees

Competencies and Curriculum

Chair:  Robert S. Skoglund

Develop a set of competencies for the Hazard Communication professional and a curriculum of courses, resources, and experiences that supports these competencies.


Chair:  Lori Burry
Board Liaison:  Ari Lewis

Provide opportunities for discussion between members, including round table breakouts on HazCom topics at annual meetings.

University Relations

Chair:  Robert S. Skoglund

To engage students and the academic community, and to foster interest and scholarly activity in chemical hazard communication by focusing on the following three activities: sponsoring scholarly activity in chemical hazard communication through grants; lecturing on chemical hazard communication in graduate and undergraduate courses; presenting chemical hazard communication as a career path at university job fairs.

Webstreaming / Webhosting

Chair: Bernadette Lindquist, Ph.D., DABT
Board Liaison:  Paul Brigandi

Investigate and make recommendations for state of the art electronic delivery methods for SCHC products, such as live-streaming (remote attendance) and recorded sessions.  These may include: webinars, current distance learning and other PDC offerings, as well as plenary sessions.

SCHC Standing Committees


Chair: Angela Rath
Board Liaison: Robert Skoglund
Committee Page…


Chair: Douglas J. Strock
Board Liaison: Kirsten Alcock
Committee Page…


Chair:  Sharen Breyer
Board Liaison: Jennifer Mahoney
Committee Page…



Chair: Vacant
Board Liaison: Paula Laux
Committee Page…


Chair: Mark S. Cohen
Board Liaison: Jennifer Mahoney
Committee Page…


Chair: Renee Warner
Board Liaison: Danielle Svestka
Committee Page…


Poster Session

Chair: Joshua Nevels (email [email protected])
Board Liaison: Robert Skoglund
Committee Page…

Professional Development

Chair: Karin Baron
Vice Chair: Diana Saucedo

Board Liaison: Michele Sullivan
Committee Page…


Co-Chair: Allan Jemi-Alade
Co-Chair: Mary Rudolph
Board Liaison: Beth Bidstrup
Committee Page…

SCHC-OSHA Alliance

Chair: Julia Diebol
Chair (HazCom 2012 Fact Sheets): Tarique Mangrio
Committee Page…


Chair: Dan Levine
Vice Chair: Troy Azzivitto
Webmaster: Scott Amoroso
Board Liaison: Atanu Das
Committee Page…