Chair:  Angela Rath
Board Liaison: Karin Baron
Serve as primary contact for meeting hotel. Make all arrangements for meeting facilities.

General Responsibilities

Recommend host cities for the Society’s semi-annual meetings to the Society’s Board of Directors.  After Board approval of host city, identify appropriate hotels in the approved host city.

Submit arrangement details to the selected host hotel(s).  For all meetings, the details include food and beverage selections, AV requirements, seating arrangements, billing arrangements, and other necessary information.  Solicit proposal from potential host hotels in the selected cities. 

Negotiate with the selected host hotel(s) to obtain the best value for the Society for meeting room space, meeting services, sleeping room blocks, meals, and other associated outside services.  Sign the hotel contract on behalf of the Society.  Notify the Board of Directors when the contract is approved and advise the Board of the essential provisions of the contract.  

Prior to and during the meetings, coordinate arrangement details as necessary with the hotel staff and other associated outside vendors to ensure all events function smoothly. 

Select a local restaurant to host the Board of Directors dinner.  Negotiate the food and beverage selections, seating arrangements, and payment options with the restaurant.  Arrange for local transportation if the selected restaurant is not within walking distance of the host hotel.  Sign the restaurant and transportation contracts on behalf of the Society if one is required or submit the credit card authorizations to the Society’s Secretary/Treasurer if that method of payment is required. 

Review hotel and other associated invoices for accuracy, coordinate with the hotel and associated vendors as necessary to correct invoicing errors, approve these invoices for payment, submit the approved invoice to the Society’s Secretary/Treasurer for payment, and report meeting costs to the Society’s Secretary/Treasurer. 

Retain original invoices from the hotel and other associated vendors for 5 years, including supporting documentation for all charges and credits to the Society. 

Provide arrangement details for future meetings and other information of interest to the Society Webmaster as they become available. 

Report Arrangement Committee activity and other news to the Board of Directors and Society membership at each semi-annual meeting. 

Provide quarterly updates to the Society’s Secretary/Treasurer of the monetary damages the Society would incur if it cancelled meetings at all future contracted hotels.  Revise these potential damages when new hotel contracts are signed. 

Review the Standard Practices biennially, when significant changes occur, or as requested by the Board of Directors, revise as necessary, and submit to the Society’s Vice President.