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AIHA Registry is offering a new eBook "Registered for Success" -- It explores trends and topics in the complex world of Safety Data Sheets and Label Authoring. It serves as a concise reference guide, and is available for free download on the AIHA Registry website. Get it today  Posted May 15, 2019

Registered for Success is a compilation of six SDS and Label Authoring blog posts from Registry RECON. Its topics include: Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliance, the SDS & Label Authoring Registry, careers in SDS & Label Authoring, and preparing for the (Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional) SDSRP competency exam. The eBook features honest insights from experienced industry professionals. We encourage both participants and potential participants in our SDS & Label Authoring program to read Registered for Success - why not gain a valuable perspective?​ 


Read AIHA's article, "Registered for Success: New SDSRP Designation may Bolster Safety, Grow Business and Build Careers,” which offers an in-depth look into the Safety Data Sheet Registered Professionals (SDSRP) designation and its implications for the industry, employers and industrial hygiene professionals.  Read article - posted May 27, 2017

A Note from AIHA Registry Programs

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry program recognizes chemical hazard communication and environmental health professionals who specialize in authoring safety data sheets (SDS) and labels. This Registry program was developed through a partnership with the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) to assure the recognition of competent professionals. To gain the Registered Professional SDS and Label Author credential, an individual must meet the established qualifications and must demonstrate competency in the skills and knowledge defined by the program’s Body of Knowledge. This AIHA Registry Program is the first EHS Specialty Credential that provides recognition for individuals who have expertise in this area.​

Program Benefits
Registration through application and successful completion of the competency assessment will allow registrants to engage in the full benefits of the SDS and Label Authoring Registry program. Some of those benefits include:

  • Listing on the Registry's database for consumer and industry access
  • Recognition as a credentialed professional among your peers
  • Use of SDSRP (Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional) designation​​ ​​

Program Highlights
Registered Specialist Credential Renewal Scheme
Registered Professionals may now submit information documenting professional development, presentations given, volunteer service, employment, etc., to maintain the credential, or they may renew via examination.

Take the SDS and Label Authoring Registry Assessment Online
AIHA Registry Programs now offers qualified SDS and Label Authoring Registry candidates the option to take the competency assessment online via a remote proctoring solution. Candidates may schedule their preferred assessment date and time through our remote proctoring partner, ProctorU, and may use their own computer for the assessment.

On the Horizon

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry has completed a Body of Knowledge update and will be administering a new version of the assessment starting in Fall 2017. This change is planned to begin with the assessment given at the Fall SCHC Meeting.


  • Application Fee/Renewal Fee:  $100
  • Competency Assessment/Exam Fee:  $200
  • Remote Proctoring Fee (optional):  $50
  • Retest Exam Fee:  $150
  • Annual Registration Fee:  $50

Applications are valid for one year from submittal date.  The assessment/exam must be scheduled and completed within one year of application acceptance. 

The exams will continue to be offered at AIHA and SCHC meetings, in addition to the remote proctored option.  We can also work with groups of candidates within a geographic area or within a corporation to schedule and proctor a special examination session.  Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring an examination session in your area or at your company.   

We are excited to continue promoting the importance of the SDS and Label Authoring Registry and look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

All the best,

AIHA Registry Programs