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GHS Symbol Pictograms

SCHC members can access a full library of downloadable pictograms here, in various formats suitable for labels and printing.

Physical hazards pictograms




Compressed Gas

Corrosive (to metals)

Health hazards pictograms


Corrosive (to skin)


Health Hazard

Environmental hazards pictograms

Environmentally Damaging

Transport Pictograms:

Class 1: Explosives

Divisions 1.1 - 1.3

Division 1.4

Division 1.5

Division 1.6

Class 2: Gases

Division 2.1
Flammable gases 

Division 2.2
Non-flammable non-toxic gases

Division 2.3
Toxic gases 

Classes 3 and 4: Flammable liquids and solids

Class 3
Flammable liquids 

Division 4.1
Flammable solids, self-reactive substances, solid desensitized explosives

Division 4.2
Liable to spontaneously combust 

Division 4.3
Emit flammable gases with water contact 

Other GHS transport classes

Division 5.1
Oxidizing substances

Division 5.2
Organic peroxides

Division 6.1
Toxic substances

Class 8
Corrosive substances 

 These pictograms are sourced from the UNECE.