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Have Questions? Check here first. If you can’t find the answer you need, email [email protected]

Check out the SCHC Meeting site on the Pathable platform - you will be able to see limited information until you LOG IN -- you must be registered to log in.

What to expect:

Here is a sample of the Pathable platform for attendees - https://vimeo.com/453752708

Pathable System Requirements - for attendees and for speakers

Check your computer bandwidth:  https://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

What to expect as a Poster Presenter, Poster Sponsor, Exhibitor, Meeting Sponsor, Media Sponsor with your virtual booth - see attached

Pathable helpful "how-to" videos:



Registration Information

What is Pathable? Pathable is an advanced virtual platform that will be hosting this event with videos, a searchable registrant database so members can connect and engage with each other, an Exhibitor storefront, and more.

How do I register on Pathable? SCHC will accept payments on the SCHC event page and confirmed registrants will receive an invitation to register on Pathable approximately one week prior to the event.

  • All sessions will be recorded.  Speakers will be available during their individual sessions to answer questions.  Each session recording will be available immediately following it scheduled time on the agenda.  You will be able to log in and click on the session to view the recording up until midnight, November 11

  • The exhibitor, poster and sponsor booths will be available for viewing at any time.  They will have staff “in” the booth during the times scheduled on the agenda and you may talk virtually with them at that time. 

  • You may set up 1:1 meetings with other attendees, poster presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors during the three days of the conference. 

  • We anticipate having plenary session slides available via the SCHC website and the Pathable site prior to the event start.

  • You will be able to vote for your favorite poster.


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