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 Subject : Product Safety& Regulatory Affairs Specialist.. 06/20/2017 04:03:00 PM 
Lorrie Ritter
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I have enjoyed an amazing career because of my willingness to embrace change, never stop learning, growing and pursuing excellence. I am a highly experienced chemist who worked in product safety and regulatory affairs (PS&RA) for about ten years for Arkema in Pennsylvania. I also worked for 10 years as a research chemist prior to PS&RA. My position in Product Safety at Arkema resulted from recognition of my contribution to the polymer research group, expertise in analytical chemistry, quality control, quality assurance, a focus on safety, teamwork and communication. I worked to coordinate the efforts R&D, Business Development Managers and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) to ensure the product can be developed, manufactured, shipped, sold and disposed of safely and that it was in compliance with all existing regulations.

I understood the product chemistry and raw materials to author Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and product labels as part of each product development project. Our group was directed under EHS, authoring GHS compliant SDS, product labeling, CDR (Chemical data reporting) and conducting plant audits of Arkema plants and research facilities. Arkema uses an SAP system for production and SDS authoring and labeling. Product safety incorporated all of my core skills and values, still researching and developing ways to improve our products, transport them safely and ensure end user safety.

I can provide references from my former colleagues. My current employment ends in June so I am immediately available.
 Subject : Re:Product Safety& Regulatory Affairs Specialist.. 09/11/2017 06:21:52 PM 
James Lee
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Hi Lorrie,
We have an available product stewardship position available at Hach (Chemical Compliance Manager - Hach - Ames, IA-HAC004525). Would you be interested in applying? If you are (and still available), please contact me at [email protected].

James Lee
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