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Updated September 14, 2022                               Download a PDF of the agenda

Tuesday, September 20


REGISTRATION - Continental Breakfast provided in Exhibit Hall

Hazard Communication Products Display is Open
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8:30-9:00  WELCOME AND SCHC AWARDS PRESENTATION, including President’s welcome, introduction to SCHC Board of Directors, and presentation of Past President Award, Jennifer Silk Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award, Outstanding Service Award, and Outstanding Volunteer Awards
MORNING PROGRAM: Facilitator - Anne DeMasi, SCHC Program Committee

OSHA Update

OSHA GHS/HCS Update (M.Ruskin)
OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) Enforcement Update (S.Rundman)

Maureen Ruskin, Deputy Director, Directorate of Standards and Guidance

Sven J. Rundman III, Supervisory Industrial Hygienist
U.S. DOL / OSHA Office of Health Enforcement


WHMIS and GHS in Canada - Overview and Updates

Lynn Berndt-Weis, Director, Workplace Hazardous Materials Bureau
Health Canada


Break          Hazard Communication Products Display is Open


UK and EU - What is new and what is different

Gill Pagliuca, Chair, CHCS
Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd.


Current US TSCA Policies That Have An Effect On Hazard Communication

Rose Passarella, Ph.D., J.D., Associate Director




SPONSOR:  Global Language Translations and Consulting, Inc.
"Translation Quality" - Doug Strock


Lunch (on your own - consider grabbing a small group for a networking lunch

President's Luncheon (by invitation only)

Hazard Communication Products Display is Open

AFTERNOON PROGRAM: Facilitator - Anne DeMasi, SCHC Program Committee

"CHEMTREC: 50+ Years of Hazmat Emergency Response" - Bill Erny


EPR Legislation

John Hayes, Chief Technology Officer
H2 Compliance

Break      Hazard Communication Products Display is Open


and again


and again

FORUM SESSIONS - The forum sessions will last 45 minutes each, and then will be repeated so there is opportunity to attend both.

Articles under Scrutiny: Meeting the Challenges of SCIP Submissions
- Hosted by Beth Bidstrup and John Hayes

Any company supplying or selling product in the EU articles containing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) on the ECHA Candidate List in concentration above 0.1% weight to weight (w/w) must submit information on these articles to ECHA’s Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products) (SCIP) database. The products can range from wires and batteries up to very complex articles such as televisions or motor vehicles.  Meeting your obligations can be challenging, so join the forum to learn more about the requirements for articles in the EU and be part of a conversation to discuss and share ideas, best practices, and challenges.

The Mystery of Section 13 
- Hosted by Denese Deeds and Chandra Gioiello

Section 13 is a mystery to most SDS authors. While SDS recipients ask for specifics, hazardous waste professionals know there are no easy answers. Can we say anything more than “Dispose in accordance with local, state and federal regulations?” Is the danger in giving too much advice? We will discuss these and other riddles that may or may not have answers. Join in the discuss and share your thoughts. We will learn from each other. 


Reception /  Poster Session / Hazard Communication Products Display 
Food and Cash Bar provided

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Bowling Night -- read more

Wednesday, September 21

7:30-8:45 Continental Breakfast 
MORNING PROGRAM: Facilitator - Tracy Graham, SCHC Program Committee

Endocrine Disruptors and Their Regulatory Treatment

Robert P. DeMott, Ph.D., DABT, Principal Toxicologist
Ramboll US Corporation  

9:45-10:00 Break

Global Digital Labeling Initiatives

Robert J. Kiefer, General Manager


Third Party Reviewers

Margaret H. Whittaker, Managing Director and Chief Toxicologist
ToxServices LLC


EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

Chris Cullen, Consultant


"Demystify the Connection Between HazComm and ESG" - Ryan Chappell

12:00-1:30  LUNCH (on your own - consider grabbing a small group for a networking lunch)
AFTERNOON PROGRAM:  Facilitator - John Howell, SCHC Program Committee




PFAS: What they are, why they matter, where they are, and who is concerned about them 

Cheryl Hogue, Senior Correspondent 
Chemical & Engineering News

PFAS: The Changing Regulatory and Commercial Environment in the US and in Europe 

James E. Eggenschwiler, Esq., Principal, Global Trade and Chemical Regulations Services
SafeBridge Regulatory & Life Sciences Group

2:30-3:00 Break


and again

and again

FORUM SESSIONS - The forum sessions will last 45 minutes each, and then will be repeated so there is opportunity to attend both.

Helping your Hazard Assessments 
- Hosted by Ari Lewis and Ian Hadley

Developing high-quality hazard assessments is critical for communicating the toxicity chemicals. It can be a resource-intensive and time-consuming exercise--information provided by suppliers is often inadequate, new toxicity information is constantly being developed, and experts can disagree on how to interpret the same set of information.  At the same time, some chemicals have very limited or no toxicity information. This  forum will delve into some of the best practices for conducting a scientifically-supportable hazard assessment, with an emphasis identifying relevant toxicity information and documenting defensible classification conclusions.

Classification Pitfalls for Mineral-Containing Products 
- Hosted by Jeffrey Krause and Gill Pagliuca

This forum will explore common pitfalls in describing and classifying mineral-containing products. We will discuss how to recognize inappropriate test data used to describe product components, how those errors can lead to presenting inapplicable toxicology data and incorrect classifications, and the enormously important differences between US and EU classifications relevant to the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust.


Committee Meetings - Hosted by the Committee Chairs

Review our committees and plan to attend a committee meeting!


Dinner and Walking Tour. 

Thursday, September 22
7:30-8:30 Continental Breakfast 
MORNING PROGRAM: Facilitator - Allan Jemi-Alade, SCHC Program Committee
8:30-9:00 Committee Reports, including announcement of the Best Poster

Safety Data Sheets: Section 9, Physical and Chemical Properties for Process Safety Applications

Vahid Ebadat, Ph.D., CEO
Stonehouse Process Safety

10:00-10:15 Break

OECD Defined Approaches Focusing on Skin Sensitization

Judy Strickland, PhD, DABT, Principal Toxicologist
Inotiv, Inc.


Defined Approaches in the GHS: Skin Sensitization

Joanna Matheson, Toxicologist
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


SDS PPE Selection and Guidance

Amanda Edberg, ASP, Sr. EHS Account Manager
Institute for Environmental Assessment



Beth Dederick, SCHC President 

1:00-5:00  AIHA Registry Programs' SDS and Label Authoring Competency Assessment (Apply by 09/01/2022 to test)



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